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TITLE                                       Embedding  Exam Preparation in Learning Activities

TEACHER                                Burcu BAHAR

SCHOOL                                 Private Yenimahalle Pınar Primary School

SUBJECT                                 English

TOPIC                                     Professionals and Their Tools-Health Problems-Fun At the Park

LANGUAGE                            *PersonaL Possessions

* should-shouldn’t

*Present Cont.Tense

LEARNER TYPE                       5th Grades / Pre-intermediate (A2)

AGE of the STUDENTS           11 

TIME                                       24 HOURS

DATE                                      27th April -25th May 2012

MANAGEMENT                      Whole Class , Teamup groups

BLOG ADRESS                         www.itecyenimahallepinar.blogspot.com


OFFLINE          Course Book, Activity Book, , Open Office, Powerpoint Worksheet  (sticked on the students’ notebooks),camera for recording,paper-pencil-poster for the presentation projects

ONLINE           Teamup Tool,Google Docs, Projector,netbook,Scracth,Prezi,


Possessive Pronouns                                 Health Problems        

                                                                     Present Cont.Tense



By the end of the lesson students will learn;

*how to use their own skills on improving their learning abilities,

*how to work as groups and share their projects,

*how to feel self confidence, be creative and improve their ICT abilities,

*how to use verbs in the present continuous tense,

*how to ask and answer the questions present continuous tense,

*how to make negative sentences in present continuous tense,

*how to express themselves in the present continuous tense structures using in daily life ,

*how to recognize the time expressions in present continuous tense,

*how to analyse the difference between present continuous tense and Simple Present Tense.

* how to make sentences about health problems and use words about it,

* how to use verbs in should-shouldn’t

* how to express themselves in the possessive pronouns’ structures using in daily life


*Uploading the names and the photos of the students to the teamUp tool, grouping with 8 peers and naming the teams that team members want.(eg:Team1 :Sunshine,Team2:Fire...)

*The teacher asks the students which topic they would like to take. All students are separated into teams according to their willings on topics.


*The teacher tells the students the project’s process,

*The teacher tells the students’ parents to give permission them to use ICT tools like internet,

*The teacher gives ideas about what the students can produce or study on about the project subject such as preparing a power point or prezies or scratches about Simple Past Tense and Simple Present Tense ,

*The teacher tells the options how the team groups collaborate with other teams,

* The teacher guides the teams how to search about present cont.tense-should/shouldn’t-possessive pronouns.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


*Each team starts to search how, where, when they can use present cont.tense-should/shouldn’t-possessive pronouns in English,

*Each teams collects the datas about their topics and takes responsibilities of having missions such as video presentatıon, recording a drama, posters, songs , stories…

*Each team members uses the internet to collect the data for keeping the  learning resources       


*The team groups record short updates, the future plans, the process difficulties and the improvements on their work for being followed by the teacher and the other students (Teamup)


*The teams show their projects on usage of present cont.tense-should/shouldn’t-possessive pronouns in the class like using blogs,wikispaces,

*The teacher guides the teams to think how they can make offers on other teams’ projects about present cont.tense-should/shouldn’t-possessive pronouns.      usage or presentation,

*The teacher creates an atmosphere to comment for each projects by the teams as benefiting from both the commenter and the presenter teams.


*Each team uses the materials such as scissors or post-it notes to analyze the information that they get from the project during the process,

*They draw  or use the ICT tools to show the understanding of the usage present cont.tense-should/shouldn’t-possessive pronouns on the notice board in the class,                                                                                                                                   


*Each team presents their learning results using visual, audio, or multimedia materials on the subject present cont.tense-should/shouldn’t-possessive pronouns.     

*The teacher guides the teams to share what they learn by discussing, commenting on and giving each other advices about the information of the project.


*The teacher watches the presentations of each teams (prezies-scratches-videos-documents-dramas-written projects etc.)

*The teacher evaluates performances of the students and their improvements on understanding present cont.tense-should/shouldn’t-possessive pronouns.     

*The teacher spreads out the worksheet to make the teams stick on their notebooks to do at home.

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