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April 27th: I gave my students information about ITEC.And they are informed about the process of the project and its aims.

May 2rd:I prepared my lesson plans according to the schedule of 2nd cycle of ITEC project.I made myself familiriaze with the technologies that I will suggest my students

May 4th:I divided the students in my class(5-A) into 3 teams.And I told each team work on a seperate topic of Possessive Pronouns,Health Problems(should-shouldn’t),Fun at the tpark(present cont.).And they suggested the topics they were interested in and were grouped.Then we signed into Teamup tool as 5-A ,first I occured a class and then I divided the teams as in the classroom we did a few minutes ago.Finally I took their photos and uploaded there.

May 9th:I taught all class the rules of  Possessive Pronouns,should-shouldn’t and Present Cont.Tense in English Lesson , gave them general meaning of the subjects and how to use it in daily language.)I introduced the techologies to the entire class and the resources that they can use while their works.We together discussed the learning sources and made them prepare their own plans for searching their topics.

May 11th:In the lesson, I presented the students our itec blog website.The students started to ask and present their work in the progress and I deliberated them how to use their findings to others. While I was doing that at the same time I took some simple mental notes to add TeamUp tool and I decided to change them between lessons peridocially for getting them know better. And I also evaluated the appropriateness of the sources the students identified as relevant.

May 16th:In teamup tool, the students started to record their updates in the form of newflash and I reminded all students to follow each other.Also the students started to bring their works and I uploaded them on blog like videos,prezis,scratches etc.I saw that some of the students couldn't finish in the lesson and ı I suggested them completing them at home.

May 18th: I told the students to share their ideas,results or updates by commenting on the blog(itecyenimahallepinar) And also I wanted the students to note what they found interesting,excellent,poor etc.during the project.

May 25th:In the team, some of the students prepared powerpoints while others prepared prezis,scratches or video recorders. I checked their works such as prezi or posters before downloading on the blog.I guided them to collect missing or misunderstanding subjects on elements that they were collecting and helped them to present their works by recording them by my camera. And also during the process I guided he students to make flash news for team up. And then finally we finished the plan applying for the teams of 5-A

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